Video: Speed Cameras on the Georges River

Another story concerning the installation of cameras along the Georges River comes from 7 News Sydney. The report was released January 13, 2018. Mike Duffy reports that patrolling the waterways is a game of cat and mouse. When authorities are present, everyone on the water behaves. Once law enforcement leaves, it’s back to business as usual. The reckless riding resumes and the disrespectful riders on personal watercraft continue to wreak havoc on the waterways.

The cameras will span three locations between Revesby Beach and Picnic Point. An increase in the number of officers patrolling the river will help with the crackdown on the reckless abandonment by a few on jet skis.

Federal Member, David Coleman is calling for a ban on all jet skis. He and the State are at odds as far as what to do about nuisance riders. Coleman says the Georges River is an inappropriate area for jet skis. He wants them to move on to other waters. However, his solution only moves the problem to another location. Problem riders will be troublesome regardless of where they ride.

Angus Mitchell with Roads and Maritime Services disagrees with a ban. He views PWC’s as legitimate vessels to have on the water. Mitchell states that there are responsible riders and only a small number are disrespectful.

New laws and new cameras will be used to crackdown on offenders and lawbreakers. Failure to use due care on a personal watercraft will result in fines and a possible seizure of the watercraft. Coleman proclaimed, “You’re on notice. We have increased powers and we have increased capabilities to detect and catch you.” It sounds like the Feds mean business!

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