Video: Ten Quick and Simple Hacks for Cleaning Your PWC

Are you one of the jet ski riders who dreads the thought of cleaning your PWC after an exhausting day of riding? Well, Jet Ski Camping has compiled a helpful list and video to make your life easier and we’re sharing it with you.

The first thing you want to do is purchase a garden hose wand. The wand should measure at least two feet in length and has an on/off trigger. Find one with a thin adjustable nozzle because it will make it easy to clean out those hard-to-reach places. One of those areas is part of your trailer frame. It’s a good idea to get inside the frame openings because trailers typically rust from the inside out. Stick the hose in one end of the frame. Check out the video for the sponge trick.

Prior to washing the engine bay, give it a good look and see if any water is inside the compartment. This little trick could save you from sinking. The compartment should be dry and watertight. Once you have checked for water, give the engine a good spray, making sure to not spray inside the air intake. Cover the air intake with your hand while spraying to keep the water from entering.

After you’ve rinsed the engine, unscrew the drainplugs from the rear and lift the jockey wheel onto an upside-down bucket to get your trailer tilt on. This will drain the water from the engine compartment.

Occasionally, it’s a good idea to rinse the engine mounts. Jet Ski Camping does this by filling the hull with one or two inches of water, which will cover the deep-seated mounts and they’ll get a good rinse.

A good jet ski flushing can be done at the boat ramp if it has a spigot and you have your hose with you, and it isn’t too busy. You can leave your drain plugs on the way home so that the water can drain while you drive. Take the route with the most hills. We see guys leaving the nearby boat ramp with water gushing out of the backs of their boats. Whatever works!

Also, you don’t want to skip the foot holds. Mold and rust love those areas. Simply take a sponge and soak up the water.

Before putting the cover back on your craft, give the engine a good anti-rust spray using an extension hose with a 360-degree nozzle attached to a can Fluid Film. The 360-degree nozzle hose will give you the ability to properly coat and protect everything.

Save yourself some time and save your ski from saltwater corrosion by following these simple tips from Jet Ski Camping!

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