Video: WaveRunners Ride From Miami to Bahamas, Mayhem Ensues

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Today’s video starts off well, and then quickly goes downhill from there. Although we’re not posting this article to rail on the group who are featured in this YouTube video, we do have some serious grievances. The trip from Miami to the Bahamas – and consequently Bimini, Andros, Exumas – began well, with friends Adam Grocholski, Gabriel Grocholski, Kaitlyn Rejzer, Courtney Rejzer, and Shawn O’Connor leaving from Government Cut in Miami at first light, iridescent glow sticks marking the shadowy WaveRunners.

After encountering the first of many multimillion dollar yachts along their way, many of the riders shed their life vests, and only are shown wearing them again on their return route back to Florida. That’s cardinal mistake Number 1. Nevertheless, the video is fun, showing the group swimming with nurse sharks, feeding lizards and wild pigs, riding alongside stingrays, cruising past sunken airplanes, and para-sailing.

But, as the video continues on, and the soundtrack weirdly cuts out, the crew enter into Exumas and only into more trouble. We see a few close calls before the camera follows the last of the group blazing into the mangroves before ditching into the water. When we return, we see a tremendous pileup of all of the WaveRunners, several of the riders (still without lifejackets) dazed and still seated atop their skis.

Thankfully, nobody was injured (although one of the FX Cruisers looks to have taken quite a beating), but the lesson here should be voluminous. First, always wear a life vest. Always. Second, give plenty of space between you and the rider in front of you. Lastly, don’t ride beyond your capacity to negotiate situations. Fatefully, that last one is a little hard for most to navigate, but it’s still a good rule of thumb.

Enjoy the scenery and learn from other’s mistakes as you watch this video below:

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