Video: Yamaha’s Demonstrates WaveRunner Reverse Assist Feature

When planning for a day on the water with a group of riders, launching a PWC is rather easy; simply have another rider back down the trailer while you are on the ski for entry into the water. However solo riders might find this task more difficult; we have all struggled with using engine power to reverse off of the trailer. Many of us have engineered our own solutions after facing frustration at the boat launch.

Some of these solutions have ended in defeat, whether it be having to swim to an astray ski or slipping on the boat ramp when attempting to give the ski a good shove off the trailer. The last thing any of us want is to be injured when trying to launch a PWC or even worse: finding yourself on the latest ‘JetSki Fails’ YouTube video. Yamaha has a simple solution to safely and efficiently launch your WaveRunner time after time.

Yamaha’s video showing off their reverse assist feature on RiDe equipped WaveRunners offers a simple solution. Yamaha’s reverse assist temporarily offers increases engine RPM for the extra thrust needed when backing off the bunks of a trailer. With two speeds, it is as simple as holding down the RiDe lever and pressing the up arrow on the speed control switch.

When only pressed once engine RPMs are increased from 3,500 to 3,900; for whatever the case may be and you still need additional power, a second press will increase to a maximum of 4,300 RPMs. The higher RPMs offer plenty of power for a smooth entry into the water at all times. The reverse assist is a a result of Yamaha’s keen interest in providing features for safe, fun, and a hassle-free experience whenever you chose to ride a Yamaha WaveRunner.

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Greg Gaddis

Greg Gaddis is a die-hard PWC enthusiast. Son of the founder of the worlds largest PWC forum and performance parts store, skis play a major part of his life seven days a week. While his first love are PWCs, his passion for mechanics does not stop there. He has a knack for anything with an engine and can’t help but tinker.

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