Videos: Mansory Builds Carbon Fiber 550HP “Black Marlin” RXT-X RS


Maybe it’s because we’ve become jaded from spending too much time on the Internet, but we’re a little dubious of this “super ski.” Unveiled publicly at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but announced shortly before, German luxury car customizer Mansory Design & Holding, are known for their heavy modification of already stellar machines. Looking to expand their reach to illustrate their range of personalization, the carbon fiber specialist applied their skills to a Sea-Doo RXT-X 260 RS (the “RS” signifying an un-USCG-regulated international model).

As per Mansory’s statement, “During the refinement process, Mansory were able to fall back on their experience of the material carbon fibre, accumulated over decades. Use of this extremely strong, ultra-light material has saved up to 10 kilogrammes in weight – and at the same time, the Mansory designers have given the jet ski a significantly more dynamic, aggressive design.”

Unfortunately, upon closer inspection of the two videos here, it appears that much of the carbon fiber used was mainly an overlay atop of the factory gel coat with some added embellishments to the already angular BRP design. Added louvers, coves and extended blades add to the ski’s uniqueness, but overall doesn’t truly reveal any actual replaced panels – except for the hood, as it now features twin LED light banks. The customizer claims a total of 10 kilos (20 pounds) have been shaved from the ski. Not a significant amount.

As to further modifications made to the Sea-Doo, Mansory stated, “The carbon-made structures, combined with the precise, hand-crafted modified seat made of special, seawater resistant artificial leather, make the Black Marlin a luxurious eye-catcher. A powerful engine conversion up to 550HP is in the final testing stage.”

Alas, there’s the ringer: “A powerful engine conversion up to 550HP is in the final testing stage” with emphasis on the words “up to” and “final testing stage.” Many tuners make claims before actually delivering on their promises, and it would appear that Mansory was no different in this case. Besides replacing the panel latches, gas cap, and iBR cover with Mansory badging, a lot of carbon fiber wrapping and a few bits and pieces recast in the lightweight material, the Black Marlin has yet to be proven as a true performer. So before the Internet is set ablaze with claims of another “super ski” make sure you do your due diligence first.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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