Videos: Sea-Doo’s Ongoing “How-To” Series

Becoming a personal watercraft owner and operator is a little more complicated than it seems at first glace. Basic watercraft maintenance is not only an issue, but owners have to remember to be up to date on registration, have the proper safety equipment, a well-maintained trailer, and know how to properly tow a loaded trailer, among other things. With all that needs to be done before heading off to the water it makes sense to make a check list, but what needs to be on the pre lake checklist? Luckily Sea-Doo has reached out to watercraft owners both new and experienced with their “How To” video series.

Sea-Doo released the first of eleven “How To” videos this month and will continue to release one each week throughout the summer. The first video “Getting Started” walks viewers through the personal watercraft buying experience. The video is well made and entertaining: which is good for those of us with short attention spans. The video teaches the importance of basic dealer relationships and getting to know local laws. Like the title entails it is a comprehensive look at getting ready to get behind the throttle of a new watercraft.

The second video outlines basic safety gear and equipment necessary for a good experience in the water. From basics such as fire extinguishers and speed limits to becoming comfortable with equipment; from quality wet suits and pfd’s to lanyards and other tinkets. This video covers everything just short of sunscreen application. Trust me, you will be ready to go.

Sea-Doo then comes out with a follow up video that every watercraft owner should see. It outlines basic guidelines of towing a trailer and driving safely. Watching a video is no substitute for getting out and practicing driving with a trailer but Sea-Doo gives clear guidelines on how to do some of the more tricky maneuvers such as backing down launch ramps. These guidelines will help keep drivers on route to fun and not on the side of the road with your trailer detached in the middle of the freeway.

Sea-Doo will continue posting the useful videos on their YouTube channel throughout the summer. Whether you are looking into purchasing your first personal watercraft or if you’ve been an owner for years, and want to brush up on proper techniques, these videos will prove to be very useful. Keep your eyes peeled for further videos to come each week; they shouldn’t be missed.

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Kyle Cunliffe

Since he was a kid, Kyle’s loved anything with a motor and a throttle, whether it was cars, quads, go carts, name it. Growing up in Southern California with access to mountains, dunes, rivers, lakes, and the ocean, it’s no wonder he spent his childhood outside at every possible moment. He’s been riding personal watercraft from a young age and had already racked up several speeding tickets before his 16th birthday.

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