2021 Yamaha SuperJet Earns Top Product Award

For years, Yamaha had been developing a brand new four-stroke SuperJet. For 2021, they finally released this revolutionary new watercraft and the results are stunning.

Their hard work has paid off because it just earned the top spot in Boating Industry Magazine’s 2021 Top Products. The SuperJet has turned out to be an extremely coveted unit within its community of stand-up riders.

It has also been a highly sought-after prize for new riders alike, advancing its product category forward. This combined with the innovative features has earned it the Top Product Prize. Read the full news story below.

Boating Industry magazine today announced its honor roll of Top Products for 2021 with Yamaha’s new four-stroke SuperJet standup watercraft at the top of the list. 

According to Boating Industry magazine, the products named to this coveted accolade stood out from the rest of the pack for their impact on the industry, innovations, and how it advances its product category.

“Yamaha’s redesign and rebirth of the SuperJet is a welcome gift to the personal watercraft industry,” said Boating Industry managing editor Adam Quandt. “The SuperJet offers both a challenge to experienced riders looking for something new, or an affordable entry point for a new rider to gain a new passion. A home run on all fronts.” 

No longer reserved for professional racers and requiring a racing license, the new 2021 SuperJet appeals to racers and recreational riders alike.

The SuperJet is powered by Yamaha’s award-winning three-cylinder, four-stroke TR-1 marine engine. This compact, lightweight 1,049cc engine delivers the exhilarating acceleration that standup riders love throughout the engine RPM range. 

Feeding the TR-1 engine is a larger 5.0-gallon fuel tank that delivers plenty of range for the standup rider, and there is an easy-to-read Low Fuel meter placed conspicuously on the deck.  

And for novice riders, there is an L-MODE that reduces the engine performance of the SuperJet to 85 percent or approximately 40 miles per hour.  

The SuperJet deck features a three-position adjustable handle pole that can extend up to 50mm in length, race-inspired handlebars, and a wide padded foot tray with an integrated reboarding holder. Under the waterline, the new SuperJet hull is designed for greater static and dynamic stability while maintaining the SuperJet’s thrilling turning abilities. 

Completing the SuperJet is a stark white color scheme with a minimalist black graphics combination that looks amazing. 

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