Bombora Gear Reveals Life Saving PFD Bundles

Bombora Gear is now offering Bundle deals on their inflatable PFDs. These are ideal for families and people with dogs who like to go boating and want the convenience of belt style PFDs.The Bombora PFDs are USCG approved and designed to wear around your waist and inflate with the pull of a cord, which activates a CO2 cartridge. The jackets are not only super comfortable, but they also allow for unrestricted freedom of movement. Think fanny pack.

Buying a Bundle will save you 30% over the cost of buying each jacket separately. The life jackets are made for adults 16 and older with a chest size ranging from 30” to 46”. There are three different bundles to choose from. The Adventurer Bundle includes two Type III Adventurer PFDs, which provide 25 lbs. of buoyancy. The Wanderer Bundle has two Type V Wanderer PFDs that deliver 16.5 pounds of flotation. Both kits contain two rearming kits.

The Bombora Family Bundle comes with two Type V Wanderer jackets and two Type III Kids Vests. There are two sizes of child size life jackets to choose from. One of them is for kids 30-50 lbs. and the other is for 50-90 lbs. The Kids Vests have roomy arm holes and Delrin buckles to keep the kids secure.

For those with doggos who like the water, The Dog Lover Bundle is for you. It contains a Type V Wanderer PFD for the human and a Bombora Life Vest for your furry companion. There are several sizes to choose from for dogs ranging from 12-90 pounds. The vest is designed to let dogs swim freely. Check out the Bombora Gear website for all the details.

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