Case of The Mondays: Star Wars Fans Recreate Speederbike Battle With Jetovators


OK, so today’s “Case of the Mondays” is pretty dang cool if we say so ourselves. Not only do we have “Star Wars: Rogue One” coming out this Friday (being the first spin-off film from the core “Skywalker” saga, and predating the events of “Episode IV: A New Hope”), but the producer of this YouTube mini-film is none other than Devin Supertramp who you might recognize as being a major attraction in Sea-Doo’s recent viral video exploits in recent years. And best of all, this video not only has Jetovators – but totally decked out Jetovators and riders very creatively dressed up as the iconic speederbikes from “Return of The Jedi.”

In fact, the entirety of this video is a near cut-for-cut recreation of the infamous sequence when Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and Luke attempt to get the jump on and disarm a squadron of Imperial Speederbike pilots. Devon himself takes on the role of Han Solo, while a pair of actors portraying the Skywalker twins pursue the fleeing Storm Troopers. There’s some huge nods to the original films despite the lack of John Williams’ legendary score and some choice sound effects, but the spirit is there and that’s really what counts in this homage. We particularly like the little kids suited up as attacking Ewoks.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a real speederbike-edition Jetovator, as these were made from spare parts and literally dozens of rolls of duct tape painted to match the original props. Even the Storm Troopers’ helmets and armor were also made from layer upon layer of duct tape. If you don’t believe it, we’ve included the very cool “making of” video at the bottom. Enjoy!

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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