FlexxLoader From TruckBoss Takes Toy Hauling to The Next Level

The above statement is absolutely true. Take a look at the pictures and videos on the TruckBoss site and see for yourselves. The FlexxLoader cradle and guide system are efficiency at its finest. The Flexxloader transforms from a hauler to a buggy system. This method is an easy way to get your ski down to the beach by easily converting the FlexxLoader’s cradle to a buggy. It’s useful as a beach dock as well as for storage at home.

Coupled with the TruckBoss Deck, the FlexxLoader is like a dream come true. It’s a hassle free method that can be used to haul snow bikes, Jet Skis, or sit down PWC’s. FlexxLoader is designed for use only with the TruckBoss Deck System, equipped with winch loading. Easily attach the FlexxLoader to a TruckBoss Deck with the new and improved guide and slide system. The ramp is also lighter and easier to handle.

The FlexxLoader components are compatible with all major PWC brands. TruckBoss parts are made in the USA and Canada. The FlexxLoader System Components consist of either a large or small cradle. The large cradle is built for sit down PWC’s and the small cradle is designed for stand up PWC’s. Each cradle comes with the deck and glide system. Check out the TruckBoss website for a more detailed description of each system and its components.

Also, don’t forget the TruckBoss annual Snow Savings Event that ends December 31st. Save a bundle on a Bundle!

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Ocean Priselac

An avid mountain and bodyboarder who lives by "if you don't go, you'll never know," with an affinity for wildlife and animal rescue; surf forecasting is a huge part of Ocean's life and was a winner in Red Bull's Project Swell several years ago. The 2014 LB2CAT was her first jet ski competition and can't wait to do it again!

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