Freerider Abraham Hochstrasser Honored in Famed Surfer Wall Museum

Hochstrasser’s Rickter was mounted proudly among the many surfboards of the world’s most legendary surfers to combat the monster-sized waves of Nazaré, including one of its pioneers, Garrett McNamara.

Famed freerider and IFWA champion athlete Abraham (“Ho”) Hochstrasser follows in the vein of the world’s best surf-charging freeriders like Joe Kenney, Ross Champion, Pierre Maxient and Mark Gomez.

Hochstrasser has dared some of the biggest breaks around the globe, earning praise both in and outside of the personal watercraft industry. In May of this year, Hochstrasser was honored to be a part of “The Surfer’s Wall.”

Per a post on Hochstrasser’s official Facebook account, the “Surfer Wall” is a museological project, created in 2016, which aims to materialize the recognition of the village of Nazaré by surfers who seek to overcome the waves of Praia do Norte and, in this way, promote Nazaré throughout the world. 

Nazaré, Portugal has become infamous over the last 20 years for one of the most violent, massive surf breaks in the world.

Hochstrasser’s post continues to explain the Surfer Wall Room, stating, the project consists of the permanent exhibition of the boards, offered by the athletes to Nazaré, at Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo. Along with a short biography, each structure in the collection allows the visitor to have a more complete idea of ​​one of the greatest spectacles on a planetary scale.

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