Gallery: RIVA Racing’s Custom-Built ’20 Sea-Doo RXT-X 350 (Video)

The RIVA Racing crew have been putting out stellar limited run skis for several years and for 2020 they one-upped themselves by building a handful of custom-built machines specific to order. These machines are all about high performance and not for the weekend-warrior type. The ski you see here was coined as a 2020 Sea-Doo RXT-X 350 and was assembled for one lucky customer. Although not specifically mentioned, the cost of this machine came in the $30,000 neighborhood and looks absolutely smokin’.

Looking sharp with its sleek bright green-on-green and black color scheme and custom-anodized gold parts, the gold adds a striking touch of bling and will definitely get the rider noticed. The watercraft is equipped with a king’s ransom of performance and handling components – offering slightly more than RIVA’s basic Stage 2 kit – that will dramatically increase the overall ride, acceleration and handling of the standard Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 from which it was based.

The build began with RIVA’s Sea-Doo RXT/GTX Pro-Series Steering System, which will aid in making those hard corners tight and controlled rather than loose and unstable. The steering shaft is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum tubing, giving it maximum strength and rigidity. Next was the addition of the billet iControl Levers. The set for Sea-Doo iControl provides superb control and comfort along with its cutting-edge design. It replaces the OEM plastic parts with high quality CNC machined throttle and brake levers. The set also features a more responsive stainless steel return for that precision feel. Anodized coatings prevent corrosion so you can run it in saltwater without a care! It will be fine.

Rounding out the rest of the handlebar package is RIVA’s 30” Pro-Bar Aluminum Handlebars, which are constructed form a proprietary aluminum alloy that provides maximum strength and reduced vibration. Reduced vibration is a must when traveling at extremely high speeds. Control at all costs is necessary and vibrating handlebars can wreak havoc by wearing you out and possibly causing the rider to experience a hard fall. The 30” Pro-Bar Aluminum Handlebars were a prime choice for both buyers.

Finally, the bars are fitted with the 2019+ RIVA Sea-Doo RXT Control Housing Switch Housing Set. It is designed to work with the original OEM control system in aftermarket steering applications. It also replaces bulky control housings, giving the craft a better look and the RIVA Billet iControl levels fit right into the housing.

The ski will handle extremely well with the combination of the RIVA steering components and the Pro-Series Sponsons. The sponsons offer improved handling and straight line stability with their deep-set blades. They also have a five-way adjustable fin system, which allows the rider to position the fins in ways that will control the overall influence they have on the craft.

The PWC is also outfitted with the Sea-Doo RXT/GTX Power Filter, RIVA MaptunerX ECU Tuning, and Solas Sea-Doo Concord SXX 13/18 Impeller. The Power Filter feeds the heavy-breathing ACE 300 supercharged engine with a constant flow of cool air, which delivers significantly improved acceleration and rpm. The Power Filter replaces the restrictive stock air box so you can go fast! The revised ECU tuner via the MaptunerX software delivers a proven engine tune to keep the ACE 300 running strong throughout the power curve.

The Solas 161 3-blade Concord Impeller increases low-end thrust and top-end speed on the 300-horsepower Sea-Doo models. The Solas impellers are comprised of high strength stainless steel. The impeller features a hub-end water seal, exclusive to Solas. The hub-end water seal reduces cavitation.

The two custom ski not only looks great and go fast, but makes some serious noise, thanks to the RIVA Sea-Doo Rear Exhaust Kit. While the kit delivers on performance and cutting-edge style, it allows for the removal of the stock sound suppression. The RIVA 4-Tec Catch Can/Engine Breather Kit stops power-robbing crank case fumes and oil vapor from the engine’s air intake. This in turn creates more horsepower due to the fact that it takes away the engine’s need to burn mostly non-combustible oil. The catch can is one more way to increase speed on these two RIVA Sea-Doo custom builds.

A nice addition to the first machine is a custom non-slip RIVA/Jettrim Seat Cover in black with silver stitching. The cover is made with ballistic nylons, ultra grade marine vinyl, and Jettrim’s exclusive Nada-Hyde, non-slip traction material. The custom PWC is rounded out with limited-edition graphics and custom gold anodized parts that sharply play off of each other and really make this machine pop! The overall appearance is bold and powerful. The PWC flies across the water at a peel-your-face-off speed of 81 mph @ 8350RPM!

Because this began as a fully-optioned 2020 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300, the custom build came with the BRP Audio-Premium System; and while this particular RIVA Sea-Doo wasn’t so equipped, RIVA has noted that other custom builds can feature custom anodizing for the speaker surrounds, to either match or play off nicely with the California Green body. As per factor, the audio system is completely integrated into the ski and has Bluetooth connectivity. The sound system is fully waterproof as well, which is definitely a good thing when you’re traveling across the water at high speeds or just cruising in general.

To reiterate RIVA’s stance on custom builds, RIVA Racing wants you to know that they are open to building custom builds. Give them a call to see what they can do. A lot has to do with ski availability, budget and time. If you really want a ski that represents you and has the specific features and parts that you want contact RIVA Racing and go all-in on custom build! You’ll be stoked!

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