Gallery: The Watercraft Journal’s Massive Sea-Doo LinQ Accessory Overview

When we perused an article pertaining to all of the 2019 Spark Accessories, it appeared that a glaring omission was made. Where were all the new LinQ Accessories? Upon rereading the piece on, we discovered a short paragraph on the LinQ accessories and decided the items needed more attention.

The article touches on many fine Sea-Doo accessories like the 50-watt floating waterproof BRP Portable Boom Box music system. It puts out just enough sound so you can enjoy the music while you ride. The Boom Box has 25-watt speakers and easily attaches to the Spark just forward of the handlebars. The bracket mount is solid and it’s an easy clip on/off system. The lithium ion battery gives a rider 24 hours of play. The system is simple to charge. Just plug it in at home. The price is $550 and requires the 3-up Convenience package.

Now, let’s get into the meat of the LinQ accessories. Fifteen products are available through Sea-Doo. A couple of LinQ Base Installation kits are available for 2011 and up GTI, GTS, and GTR. 2017 and later kits are available for the GTR-X. RXP kits come in base models for the 2012 models and later. A base kit is available for GTX 2016-2017 and RXT-X models built in 2016 and 2017. LinQ Base Kit for the Sea-Doo Spark 3up is also available.

These models require the base kits in order to install all the LinQ gadgets that Sea-Doo has on offer. Each LinQ kit costs $49.99 and Sea-Doo claims it’s fast and easy to install. The system is secure and now fits all platforms. LinQ doesn’t even require tools. It’s a quick attach rear cargo system. You get to pack more, play more, and ride farther while keeping food and drinks cold and fresh.

The base system for the Spark 3-up allows you to mount accessories to your Sea-Doo watercraft so your cargo options are less limited. The system will hold the LinQ Fuel Caddy, SR 21L LinQ bag, LinQ Sport Bag, LinQ Toolbox, and LinQ 4.2-Gallon Cooler. The Spark base system isn’t compatible with the LinQ 13.5-Gallon Cooler. The LinQ Base System includes 2 LinQ bases and hardware. The base system is a necessary building block for all of Sea-Doo’s LinQ accessories.

The LinQ Fuel Caddy holds 4-gallons of fuel, is designed for easy pouring, and has been marinized for saltwater usage. The Fuel Caddy comes with the LinQ Cargo Base Kit. The caddy can also be used for stacking the LinQ Bag or Sport Bag to give you more storage. Don’t stack fuel caddies though. If you lose your fuel cap, Sea-Doo can provide a replacement for $28.99.

Prefer different LinQ Locking Anchor Bases? Sea-Doo has those for $9.99. LinQ bases with locking system for staying in the “up” position while installing LinQ accessories. These are required for installing the LinQ 13.5 Gallon Cooler. They also replace standard LinQ bases and the locking bases are standard on the Fish Pro.

Speaking of the Fish Pro, LinQ has a nice Quick-Attach Rod Holder and it’s only $24.99. The holder features a quick attachment system with release lever for easy installation onto or removal from any of the 30 different positions on the 13.5-gallon LinQ Cooler. It firmly holds a fishing rod using a molded rubber cap specifically designed to quickly secure or remove a fishing rod using the reel arm. It’s also perfect to safely transport your fishing rods to your favorite spots or if you just want to troll the waters.

Prepare to pay if you want the LinQ 13.5-Gallon Cooler. It’s going to cost you just under $650. Granted, the cooler has some nice features, especially for the fisherman in the family. The LinQ is a high volume cooler and is weather resistant. It includes a heavy-duty storage pocket lid with recessed work surface, quick-attach rod holder system, trolling slots, and an easy latch lid. It features a drain plug and handles for easy transportation.

It is crafted using rotomolded construction for exceptional rigidity and durability and contains premium-quality foam insulation for optimal ice retention. Another item of note is that the cooler requires LinQ Locking Anchor Bases for installation on 2018 models and on some 2019 models.

If you don’t need a huge cooler, Sea-Doo offers the LinQ 4.2 Gallon Cooler. It’s constructed from the same high quality materials as the 13.5 just at half the price. The smaller cooler doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. However, if you only plan to use it to haul drinks and snacks, this cooler is perfect.

The LinQ Box is great for stowing extra items while on all day excursion. It has a five gallon capacity, is weather resistant, and even has a lockable cover. The box is made of high precision injected HDPE, which provides durability and rigidity. The box is equipped with marine grade hardware. The SR 21L LinQ Bag is also available. This bag comes in at a 5.5 gallon capacity and is expandable.

Sea-Doo also has the LinQ Sport Bag with a rigid bottom and semi-rigid top. The bag holds 4.5 gallons and again, if you’re a saltwater rider, pick up the Marinized LinQ Hardware Kit. You’ll want to protect your investment. The Marinized LinQ Hardware Kit comes with everything you need to protect your LinQ Bags from the corrosive effects of saltwater. It’s worth it for the additional $17.99.

The last item we’ll cover is the LinQ Retractable Ski Pylon. The pylon adjusts to keep your rope out of the water for more fun in the water. It also features built-in spotter grab handles and is retractable. Sea-Doo says, “Nothing outdoes our exclusive quick-attach, tool-less rear-cargo LinQ System. It redefines what your watercraft can carry, and how it carries them. You get to pack more, play more, and ride farther, all while keeping food and drink cold and fresh.”

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