Increase Your Sea-Doo’s Boost to 19si @ 8,800rpm With Active Jet Sport’s New Impeller Kit

While all of the hoopla has been around the all-new Sea-Doo 325’s, the reality is that we’ve got seven solid years of the Sea-Doo 300 ACE engine – and it’s still going! Although BRP said that eventually the 325 will supersede the 300 eventually, it’s still alive and well and certainly worth taking a good hard look at if you’re in the market to build up a potent performance machine.

And you’re not alone! Active Jet Sports just revealed its comprehensive Sea-Doo 300 AJS-135R 19 PSI Supercharger Impeller Kit for all 2016-and-newer Sea-Doo 300’s. The kit requires zero modification to your factory supercharger housing; just drop in the new impeller wheel and insert the housing spacer (with longer dowel pins included), and be ready to press out an impressive 19psi at 8,800rpm.

Here are the details from the listing:
Delivering an amazing 19 PSI of boost in the 8800 RPM range, our AJS-135R Sea-Doo 300 drop-in impeller will take your Sea-Doo to the next level. If you’re after the most boost without modifying the housing, this supercharger is for you!

Precision machined from aerospace grade 7075 aluminum alloy, perfectly balanced and anodized in black, the quality of AJS-135R is second to none. The complete kit comes with housing spacer and longer dowel pins for proper housing alignment.

The impeller is meant to fit tight on the shaft and may require heating in order to fit the tight clearances. Using a heat gun, do not use open flame torch, heat the impeller around the shaft opening for 30-60 seconds and slide it down the shaft.

Slip: Target slip is 19 ft-lb, since this is a large boost wheel it may be required to verify, and reset, the slip after first couple heat cycles.

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