Jetcast Offers Rusler All-Weather Garmin GPS Sounder Cover

Today’s fishing PWCs include the latest in sounder technology giving riders the ability to “see underwater” and confidently navigate everything from lakes and rivers to flats and the open ocean. Like all electronics, these complex units are subject to corrosion, UV damage, faded LCD screens, and saltwater intrusion. Luckily, Jetcast offers a solution to keep your expensive sounder safe from the elements!

Paul Hayes “Hayzey,” at Jetcast was tired of his sounders failing, and realized that today’s large-screen models are even more susceptible to water intrusion and damage, especially when mounted on a fishing ski. Saltwater can penetrate sounders through normal usage, as their positioning out in the open puts them directly in the path of spray and waves.

Rusler, a New Zealand fishing gear manufacturer, developed a waterproof, synthetic canvas fish finder/sounder cover that provides exceptional water resistance and UV protection. With over three years of sales under their belt, Rusler has developed a proven product that customers love.

High ambient temps and direct sun can cause sounders to overheat and can damage sensitive LCD screens over time. Rusler covers provide an inexpensive solution to protect expensive hi-tech sounders from all types of environmental exposure. The oversized visor peak provides maximum protection against glare throughout the entire day.

Rusler sounder covers also feature an innovative stainless-steel rim that stops the sun shade from flopping over the screen when the cover material gets wet. Velcro straps allow the cover to be seamlessly removed between outings, while a drawstring strap securely fastens the cover to your machine so it won’t be blown off when traveling on water or down the road.

With covers for sounder/fish finder units ranging from 4” to 16”, Jetcast even accommodates custom sizing requests. Covers retail from $70.00 to $125.00 USD plus shipping. See the links and details below. Most fishos (boat and PWC alike) don’t know they need a sounder cover until it’s too late!

Jetcast Carries these models in stock:
For the Fish Pro Scout and Sport (Garmin 62/65 models)
Sea-doo Trophy (Garmin 72/75 models)

For all other models, we custom make to order for any Sounder. This takes about 5-8 business days plus delivery to US:

Whether you ride Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki, or fish from a boat, Jetcast has something for everyone and is sure to enhance your experience out on the water. Check them out on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and visit their website at

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