Kspeed Adjustable Sponsons Suit All STX & SXR 1500 models

Since it’s development over 20 years ago, the STX hull was one of the single-most successful designs to hit the water; both recreationally and professionally. Well balanced, stable in chop and featuring a natural inside-lean in aggressive cornering, dozens of athletes earned national and world championships aboard the STX and for good reason. It works really well.

Although a bit staid by today’s technological standards, the STX-160 lineup (160, 160X and 160LX) remains a viable rung on the market’s ladder, offering a solid, reliable machine for entry level buyers and those on family budgets. But how about those wanting a little more from their STX? Kspeed has exactly what the performance enthusiast is needing to pour on the pizazz.

Kspeed’s Adjustable Race Sponsons fit all years and makes of STX JetSkis – whether its a STX-1200R, 12F, 15F or any of the new 160 models. And they also fit on the SX-R 1500 stand-up! The machined backing plate permits for a handful of adjustment settings, placing the deep-set blade forward, rearward or deeper in the water for maximum traction in chop and bite in the corner.

The steep rise of the backplate raises the bow as the blades cut at an aggressive negative-camber angle, ensuring that you can power through a hairpin or sweep a wide circle without losing the tail. Priced at $300 AUD (or $225 USD), you too can speed through tight corners and navigate the surf with Kspeed’s STX/SX-R Adjustable Sponsons.

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Kevin Shaw

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