New Zealand Jet Skiers Ride for Melanoma Awareness

Cancer affects a huge part of this world’s population and has affected many people who read on this site. It is considered one of the worst diseases and has taken the lives of many people. It will continue to take people’s lives until cures are found. There are multiple groups that raise money for cures but notably is a Jet Ski Group located in New Zealand that is sure making a big splash.

There is a group in New Zealand called Ski-nZ that is setting out for their fifth time to try to find a cure. A group of 13 compiled riders ranging from truck drivers, to pilots, to farmers set out on Monday for a 1400 km (870 miles) trip from Bluff to Auckland. Their reason for riding in rough water conditions is to raise money for Melanoma Research. They have been able to raise over $330,000 in the past four years and hope to reach $100,000 this year.

Jeremy Burfoot said, “What we’re trying to do is educate the public and get some more skin checks going.” Doctors suggest that you get checked for Melanoma yearly and perform self examinations throughout the year. Self detection can save your life. The riders want all people to be aware of the risks and encourage early detection. This is a great group that is taking time out of their busy lives to raise money and awareness for Melanoma. Wish them luck as they will be riding in rough water but for a great cause.

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Blake Ellestad

Blake Ellestad

Blake decided to buy a jet ski before a car and it was the greatest decision of his life. He was able to start reading on the forums and absolutely fell in love with the information and the sport. Blake says he will be riding jet skis for a very long time.

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