PWC Owners Mobilize to Help First Responders In the Wake of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian had just ripped its way through the West Coast of Florida, packing devastating winds and record levels of storm surge. Some areas of Naples encountered flooding greater than 8 feet; leaving many first responders completely immobilized.

In fact, Naples Fire-Rescue Department itself became flooded when rising waters overwhelmed the station- leaving fire trucks submerged and even causing one trucks to begin smoking.

Naples Fire-Rescue Engine 2 was en route to investigate a potential fire when the apparatus encountered high water and was unable to make it through. A video of the incident emerged on Facebook, and Watercraft Journal reached out to the Naples Fire-Rescue Department for more context.

Shortly after Engine 2 became immobilized by the rising water, good Samaritans on SeaDoo PWCs approached the engine and crew and asked if they needed a ride, according to Tarin Nagel with the Naples Fire-Rescue Department.

First responders boarded the SeaDoos- fully decked out in their firefighting gear- and were transported to the scene of the emergency, where they took mitigating action.

Around the same time the Naples incident above occurred, a post appeared on Jet Rider Nation Florida describing a group of PWC owners who had mobilized in Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres, to assist in rescue and recovery efforts.

Even though PWCs often get a bad rap for creating mayhem on the water, this goes to show that lumping all PWC owners into the same category as the mischief makers is unfair. In emergencies like this, PWCs can be utilized as a critical life-saving tool; able to travel where other vehicles simply cannot.

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