Radinn Electric Jetboards Launches New App

Radinn redesigned their app to make it compatible with your smartwatch, so you can keep up with your riding stats. Moreover, the app is not exclusive to Radinn Electric Jetboard’s; other board riders will find it functional for them as well. You can grab it at the App Store and Google Play.

The company is focused on building an all-inclusive community of board riders through its new Surf.Club feature. This is really great, especially at a time when we are all disconnected and pretty much wandering around with our heads down.

Sure, we’re connected through social media but that’s not the same as connecting on a more personal level in real life. Even the water is mostly filled with solo surfers trying to catch “my wave”. Most of us wear a smart watch that records the number of waves ridden, distance, time, and location. We go home and upload it and that’s it. With the Radinn app, you get so much more.

Downloading the app allows you to not only connect to your smartwatch, but to connect with friends as well and share rides. The app will keep up with all your riding stats, routes, and other rider’s recommended routes. This enables you to discover new spots to surf and new friends to share the waves.

For the people who purchase one of Radinn’s bad ass jetboards, they have the option to upgrade to Unleashed for $995. Connect to the Radinn App for access to all the perks Unleashed has to offer, like extra torque to get you riding rail to rail like a pro with more control over your deep carves. The app also alerts you to software updates and maintenance requirements to keep your board running smooth. Check it out on the website for more info.

Get in touch with all your surfer friends and spread the word about the growing Radinn community of board riders. You can also find new people to ride with by looking through the profiles in the app, so get out there and make waves while building a community of stoke!

Here’s the official press release:
Radinn, the industry-leading manufacturer of electric jetboards, recently unveiled a groundbreaking update to its mobile app that includes an Apple Watch integration, community features, precision GPS tracking, and proactive maintenance and optimization. Available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, the new Radinn app enhances the jetboarding experience pre, during, and post ride, revolutionizing the way jetboarders engage with the sport and with each other.

One of the key features of the updated Radinn app is a social platform called Surf.Club, aimed at fostering an all-inclusive community of watersports enthusiasts. Surf.Club features are available for everyone, not just those that own a Radinn electric jetboard. Riders and non-riders alike can connect through the Surf.Clubs friends list, which allows them to direct message each other, organize local meet-ups, and find new connections. App-users can also scout the best surf locations across the globe with the Radinn Surf Spots map, a jetboarding guide curated by Radinn riders that uses heat signatures to track when and where people take out the boards.

In an era characterized by technology-driven isolation, Radinn recognizes the value of building connections beyond the digital realm. These Surf.Club features offer like-minded individuals the ability to connect on a personal level and forge meaningful relationships.

The new Radinn app also captures every moment of a jetboard session and fully integrates the riding experience. Riders can pair their Apple watch to the Radinn app to log health metrics like heart rate and calories, and track their speed and battery charge while on the water. What’s more, precision GPS tracking allows Radinn customers to view their riding maps, access detailed performance data, and watch instant replays in real time. And the Radinn Battery Management System (RadBMS) continuously scans data from Radinn devices, alerting riders when maintenance is needed and ensuring that their gear is always operating at peak capacity.

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