Sea-Doo’s LinQ 30L Modular Cargo Box

Sea-Doo added a 30-Liter Modular Cargo Box to its LinQ accessories lineup. This box is a beast and if you were looking for ways to stow more gear on your Sea-Doo, this is the storage box for you. It is a large rugged hard sided box with a 30-liter capacity and weather resistant lid. The box fits on all LinQ with a 16” base.

If one big box isn’t enough, add more modular boxes or a LinQ Dry Bag. The LinQ 10 Liter Modular Box and the 20 Liter Modular Box offer the perfect solution. For the important stuff like dry clothes, the dry bag gives you added waterproof protection. The 10 Liter box retails for $129.99, and the 20 Liter is $149.99.

You can stack them or set them side by side, whatever you choose. No tools are required because they quickly attach to the LinkQ base. The 30L box will give you peace of mind knowing your gear is safe and secure while you’re riding hard on the water. The 30 Liter box retails for $169.99.

Black Friday is coming up and your local Sea Doo dealership will have some killer sales. That’s prime time to get your new box and to find out how much gear it will hold. Practice packing it while taking advantage of the sale priced goods!

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Ocean Priselac

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