Video: Sea-Doo Racer Anthony Radetic Featured In New Documentary

The truly inspirational story of Sea-Doo racer and ambassador Anthony Radetic has just been revealed in a brand new production by Trailer Valet. The documentary series Move Forward premiered with the Radetic piece on November 11th, 2021, and the short film’s star is indeed “very stoked” with the result.

Anthony Radetic is an amazing adaptive athlete. A former military helicopter pilot, he was injured in 2004 while stationed in Ft. Rucker and left paralyzed. With both his army career and his primary source of adrenaline and excitement taken from him, Radetic faced more than just the prospect of being wheelchair bound; he also had a lifestyle and a way of being that needed to be reclaimed.

After successful stints in hand cycling and mono skiing, it was actually Radetic’s wife who came up with the fortuitous idea of entering the sport that he is now so well known for. Following a theme that is typical of competitive athletes, things moved quickly for Radetic from initially just working out how to ride a PWC effectively to racing the machines in open competition.

The Sea-Doo PWCs that he races are set up specifically to accommodate the position and movement limitations he has, which add to the physical challenges of PWC competition. Due to an enormous amount of hard work and training, along with meticulous machine preparation, the Radetic / Sea-Doo partnership has proven to be very successful.

Whether you have been following the racing career of Anthony Radetic for years or are new to this story, make sure you don’t miss it’s cinematic retelling in this surprisingly deep and expressive short documentary.  Watch Moveforward featuring Anthony Radetic here:

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