The Ultimate Sea-Doo Diagnostic Tool for the DIY’er


A write up about the Ver.MPI-3 Diagnostic Tool piqued our interest so we thought we would share it with our readers. The Ver.MPI-3 isn’t talked about very much and would make a great addition to your toolkit. It can be used on all 2002 Sea-Doo and newer PWC.

The package includes a BRP MPI-3 Interface and diagnostic cable. All necessary software can be downloaded from the Sea-Doo FTP server. The adapter works with BUDS and BUDS2 (BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software). The kit will allow you to edit vehicle information, test, add or remove DESS keys, and adjust engine parameters. It will also enable you to troubleshoot vehicle errors, update module software, and reset historical data.

The BUDS license gives you the basic flashing abilities and if you want to delve further into diagnostics, purchase BUDS2 Megatech License. The Ver.MPI-3 adapter is also compatible with the Megatech, and the license is valid for 10 years. It has the capabilities of the basic dealer license plus an abundance of additional diagnostic applications.

When the Ver.MPI-3 Interface is paired with the Megatech, it gives you the ability to change the VIN and Model numbers of your ski, enable, and disable DESS, change total vehicle hours, and clear the ECM history, and more. If you want to get more out of your Sea-Doo or pinpoint some issues, the Ver.MPI-3 Diagnostic Tool is for you.

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