Video: Brush Up On The Basics – How to Tie a Bowline Knot

While there are tons of useful knots that can be used while working with personal watercraft, the Bowline is easily one of the most important for anyone working with boats, jet skis, or just about anything on the water. 

For those who aren’t yet familiar, the bowline knot is a knot used to create the loop at the end of a dockline. While some dock lines may come with a loop built in, the bowline knot is an easy way to create a strong, reliable loop at the end of any line. This allows PWC users to connect to tow points, cleats, dock pilings, and a wide variety of other uses. 

The bowline knot is particularly useful because it won’t jam or slip, even under intense strain, but it can be easily loosened just by using one’s finger. In the video by JetBoatPilot, we’re walked through both the easy way, and the fast way to make this knot, making it a valuable primer for just about everyone.

If you don’t know how to tie one yet, check out the video from JetBoatPilot below to add a super useful tool to your arsenal of PWC skills.

You can learn about other handy-to-know knots in this tutorial.

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