Video:’s 86MPH 2016 FZS Project

Every year for the past few, Jerry Gaddis of and takes it upon himself to build a customized, high performance watercraft that he fully documents for the members of his massive forum. The goal of each year’s build is to not only display his custom ski-building prowess, but also formidably prove the best, sure-fire routes to pick up the most top speed as possible (Jerry’s not a big closed course racer. If you want handling mods, you should check out Dean’s Team).

All throughout 2016, Jerry kept copious notes while he built this one-of-none Yamaha FZS. Jerry documented each step of the build, clocking GPS speeds and capturing video along the way. A Jim’s Ride Plate, R&D intake grate, R&D pump seal kit, a Solas SVHO 13/20 impeller, depitched to 13/18, and a pump tunnel reinforcement all grace the hull. Obviously, the big attention went beneath the seat, as everything that propels the FZR was removed, rebuilt and/or replaced. Jerry began with a MaptunerX tuning bundle package, a GRF Catch Can, a RIVA Power Filter, RIVA Intake Manifold upgrade kit, RIVA Pro Series Cooling kit, RIVA SVHO Power Cooler kit, and a RIVA/HKS blow off valve.

Wanting to properly illustrate how each item improved engine longevity, opened up untapped performance or increased acceleration, Jerry studiously noted each step in a dedicated thread pinned to the top of the Yamaha Performance section of the forum, which you can view HERE. Unfortunately, ecause he’s now dedicated to his 2017 Yamaha GP1800 room in the garage needed to be made, so the FZS is now available for purchase for a ridiculously bargain-priced $14,500 (particularly if you consider how much was spent in purchasing the ski itself, in parts and labor).

In a last bit of testing before dedicating himself to the GP1800, Jerry was able to click off an impressive 86 miles per hour on pump gas and with the above listed mods – all during some pretty offensively hot temperatures during a blistering Louisiana October.

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Kevin Shaw

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