Video: Jet Ski Operators put on Notice along the Georges River


Speeding and dangerous personal watercraft operators have lead to camera installations along three of the busiest areas along the Georges River in Australia. The areas lie between Revesby Beach and Picnic Point. There is also ongoing discussion about installing cameras across the state. People in the area have experienced more than enough of the reckless and unsafe behavior by certain personal watercraft operators and want them held accountable for their actions.

David Coleman, a Federal MP who wants skis banned from the Georges doesn’t even think the craft belong on the waters of the Georges. Coleman also claimed that when authorities were present, everyone was on their best behavior. (That’s true in any scenario.) His remarks were recorded during a 7 News Sydney broadcast October 3, 2016.


State Authorities, on the other hand, were adamant about not banning personal watercraft from the river. Angus Mitchell, of Roads and Maritime Service, said that skis were legitimate vessels and should be allowed on the waterway. According to Mitchell, banning only leads to jet skiers moving to another area and the reckless operators will wreak havoc wherever they are present.

Since speeding is an ongoing problem; Coleman put personal watercraft operators on notice by saying that the government will roll out the cameras and stricter laws will be enforced by fining and seizing skis from repeat offenders. The cameras will also be outfitted with speed detectors and State Officals will be able to view activities along the river through Closed Circuit TV.

A spokeswoman from Transport New South Wales stated,“The Georges River National Park is a popular destination over the summer […] and with so many different activities going on in a relatively narrow stretch of water, it’s critical everyone follows the rules.”

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