Video: Kawi Performance DIY Install – STX 160 Fuel Blowout Prevention Mod

In what is perhaps one of their least-technical tutorial videos, Kawi Performance owner Steve Ciervo walks you step-by-step through the process of adding Kawi Performance’s fuel filler mod for the Kawasaki STX 160 to prevent fuel blowout at the pump

While not particularly a “performance” based mod, this install will save a lot of aggravation, frustration and annoyance, not to mention cutting down on the chances of you pulling away from the pump smelling like you used fuel for cologne. 

Although this installation project does not require any specialized tools or knowledge, and can be completed in less than a half hour in most cases, Kawi Performance doesn’t skimp on the accuracy or thoroughness, and Steve provides not only the progression of steps to remove the filler tube, install the mod, and reassemble all parts, but adds in the extra steps that are easy to forget, especially on those “quick and easy” jobs – steps like always adding Sharpie marks to parts prior to removal to assure proper alignment on reinstallation.

Steve also takes the time to cover steps to get past the “what if” situations that always tend to arise, like .. what if the filler neck won’t come off of the adapter?  (Answer – Carefully applied heat gun) 

Watch along as Steve takes you through the installation of this $16.99 mod to stop fuel blowback at the pump.


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