Video: Kawi Performance Walks Through Ultra 300/310 Supercharger Maintenance

Kawasaki’s Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) belt-driven supercharger is what The Watercraft Journal wrote, crams an “almost excessive 16.7psi at peak RPM down the Ultra 310X engine’s throat, resulting in a true 310-horsepower, producing 1,890 lbs. of thrust from its 160mm axial-flow, single stage jet pump.”

That being said, the amount of power produced by the Eaton superchargers creates a lot of wear-and-tear, meaning that maintenance is vital. So who better to guide both the expert and the novice through that upkeep than Kawi Performance (KP) owner Steve Ciervo. In the latest KP video release, that is exactly what he does, giving precise, easy to understand instructions, with his normal attention to detail and thoroughness.

Far from a quick run-through or overview, the video is an in-depth look into supercharger maintenance on the Kawasaki Ultra 300 and 310, where they guide you through the essential steps of maintaining your watercraft’s supercharger system, covering what doesn’t need replacement, what does need replacement, and when to schedule replacements and service.


Ciervo explains that the Eaton TVS is “not your standard, off-the-shelf Eaton Supercharger,” and describes the partnership between Kawasaki and Eaton to create the R-Series supercharger custom made for high RPM, and one where, for every engine revolution, the supercharger is sucking in fully twice the air it normally would. 

Ciervo points out that there are many aftermarket rebuild kits for the supercharger, but said they all have one thing in common: they don’t know this specific supercharger, resulting in ill-suited kits, sometimes even including things such as bearings that you shouldn’t need to replace, or are near impossible to replace.

But not to worry! Kawi Performance has rebuild kit options: a basic rebuild kit that includes bearings that most often need to be replaced; and two Full Rebuild Kits, one with Japanese bearings, and an “economy” kit with aftermarket bearings. All of which are available on the website linked HERE.


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