Video: KSpeed Kawasaki Ultra 300/310 Pump Wedge Install

For the longest time, people were convinced that while a great offshore/rough water platform, the current Kawasaki Ultra JetSki platform was just too big and/or heavy to really make any substantial speed. That was disproven by some very successful racers with some major factory support (Dustin Farthing and Craig Warner, to name a few), the mainstream saw it as just outside the reach of most folks.

Thankfully, Jamie Eade from Brisbane Kawasaki and KSpeed Performance saw past the chatroom fluff and went to work eking out more and more speed from the big blown Kawasakis. A major factor towards achieving this goal was in changing the pitch of the hull, trimming the nose upward to release so much surface tension. To manually (and cheaply) do this, KSpeed developed a 2-degree pump wedge.

The pump wedge manually angles the pump’s jet nozzle upwards, pushing all of that thrust at an elevated angle. This, in turn, forces the bow upward and thusly, frees up the hull’s aggressive deadrise. Unbelievably, KSpeed’s pump wedge goes on in minutes, and below we’ve included a step-by-step tutorial of how to install the 2 degree pump wedge on your Kawasaki Ultra 300/310.

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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw

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