Video: Kspeed Unveils Tune Box! Reflash Your Own Kawasaki at Home

A little over a week ago, The Watercraft Journal teased two pictures of Kspeed’s yet-to-be-revealed hand-held ECU tuner. Well, it’s officially out now and does much quite a bit more than we expected. In addition to the usual ECU reflash service you’d expect, the Kspeed Tune Box immediately “VIN locks” to your ski, ensuring that nobody can use your tuner on their own ski.

Equally, once you connect the Tune Box to your JetSki (using the supplied cables), the tuner will store your factory tune allowing you to revert back to your factory settings at any time (like if you choose to sell your JetSki). Of course, that’s not why you’re buying the Tune Box anyways, so let’s get to it: The Tune Box comes to you with Kspeed’s Stage 1 tune as well as a bonus: Kspeed’s new Endurance+ Tune.

In the video below, you’ll see Kspeed President Jamie Eade introduce the Tune Box as well as demonstrate the new Endurance+ tune. The Endurance+ tune is Eade’s own creation; superseding the default MPO setting and replacing it with a progressive tune that operates like the traditional MPO tune for 90% of the throttle position, and snaps open to the delimited Stage 1 tune in the last 10% of the throttle position.

This means you can ride conservatively for most of the ride and really jam on the gas if your buddy wants to race. Of course, if you’re wanting some serious speeds; you’ll need the rest of the Stage 1 kit to help get that Deep-V hull out of the water (ie. “less drag”), which includes the 2-degree pump wedge and aggressive intake grate. Keeping the pump hooked and the tail planted is key, while angling the pump nozzle upwards raises the bow free of the water.

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