Video: Mississippi Ski Riders Demonstrate Yamaha FX Range & Fuel Gauge Issues

A little over two weeks ago, The Watercraft Journal published a short recap of of class action lawsuit filed by Mitchell Higgins against Yamaha Motor Company, USA. The lawsuit itself addressed three significant issues that consumers have found pertaining to all Yamaha FX WaveRunners; the Connext dashboard software resetting the trip and fuel consumption data at every restart; the inconsistent metering of the low fuel alarm; and the rider’s inability to extinguish said alarm while underway.

While our article points out several key features of the lawsuit that will likely keep it from ever gaining any traction in a serious court of law (the damages listed are “annoyance” and “inability to enjoy my watercraft”, as well as Higgins personally seeking $5 million dollars), the issues with the vehicle itself remain valid. Publishing the article spurred thousands of replies and responses and encouraged many to share their experiences with these same issues.

One such reply was Mississippi Ski Riders (MSSR) who pieced together this incredibly well-made documentation of all three of the above listed complaints in this single video (featured below). Although The Watercraft Journal strongly recommends that riders never run their PWC dry (to the point of fuel starvation) for fear of overheating the in-tank fuel pump, MSSR does properly document full range in optimal conditions and the corresponding behaviors of the Yamaha. See below:

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