Video: “Proximity” Puts You Right Alongside This Sea-Doo RXP-X

All of us at The Watercraft Journal are perpetually wowed by the absolutely gorgeous content that comes out of the JSCS Crew (@JetskiClubStavanger) or the Stavanger Sandnes Jetski Club. These Nordic Sea-Doo enthusiasts never fail to deliver with some of the most striking content that you can find online. No really, if you haven’t subscribed their YouTube channel literally go there now. We’ll wait…

OK good, you’re back. As we were saying, the JSCS Crew provided us with some knockout content who filmed the video “Proximity” using two Insta360 One X2 cameras. They explained, “We always ride with a plan. Most of the time we start very early, sometimes before sunrise, especially in the autumn when the days are shorter.”

“Perfectly flat mirrors like water and the rising sun that’s what makes every ride special. Also, early morning or just before the sunset (“Golden Hour”) with the right weather is one of the most important “ingredients” for the beautiful looking jet skiing video,” they continued.

“As of today the best 360 camera of choice for us is Insta360 ONE X2. It’s amazing how good looking quality video you can get from such a small camera. That being said it might take 2x more time to choose the desired angle and edit a video compared to a regular non 360 camera. But when you get the hang of it the final results speak for itself and it’s really worth it.”

VID_20210829_072707_00_010_2021-09-08_00-43-16_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072350_00_008_2021-09-08_00-25-11_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072350_00_008_2021-09-08_00-26-22_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072350_00_008_2021-09-08_00-21-53_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072350_00_008_2021-09-08_00-25-11_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072350_00_008_2021-09-08_00-19-48_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072350_00_008_2021-09-08_00-26-22_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_071310_00_006_2021-09-08_00-11-29_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072107_00_009_2021-09-08_00-39-08_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_072107_00_009_2021-09-08_00-40-20_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_063536_00_004_2021-09-08_00-06-55_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_061838_00_002_2021-09-07_23-54-53_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_061838_00_002_2021-09-07_23-56-18_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_071310_00_006_2021-09-08_00-15-04_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_063536_00_004_2021-09-08_00-09-46_screenshot_resize VID_20210829_071310_00_006_2021-09-08_00-12-38_screenshot_resize

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