Video: Sea-Doo Partners with 4ocean to Aid in Shoreline Cleanup

Sea-Doo and 4ocean are on a mission to clean up and end the world’s plastic ocean crisis, making for an excellent partnership. Alex Schulze is the co-founder of 4ocean, an ocean clean-up company. 4ocean began as a small company making and selling products made from recycled materials. For every bracelet sold, they removed a pound of trash from the ocean.

The company blew up, and before they knew it, they were hiring more captains and crews to take on the huge task of removing trash from the ocean. The company is based in Florida but has now expanded worldwide with their ocean clean-ups. 4ocean’s partnership with Sea-Doo has been a dream. They share a common mission, which is to clean up our oceans. Both organizations encourage people to use their Sea-Doo watercraft to get into hard-to-reach areas and pick up debris.

4ocean utilizes the Sea-Doo Switch and Fish Pro to get into shallow waters to recover plastic and other trash. The watercraft allow them to be more mobile, agile, and more versatile. This is especially beneficial in the Florida Keys, where ghost nets and ropes litter the waterways and get pushed into the mangroves.

Onshore winds and tides cause all the debris to get tangled in the root systems of the mangroves. Sea-Doo watercraft can be maneuvered into those areas, which enables the crews to get in there and attack the debris and haul it out. The Fish Pro and the Switch have large decks, which are great for hauling large loads of trash out of the areas.

4ocean has removed over 30 million pounds of trash from our oceans. That’s a crazy number and there is still more to do, and that’s what keeps Schulze coming back again and again. He sees the importance of cleaning up our waters for us and future generations. Check out their website for more information on how you can help.

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