Video: Start Your Summer With Yamaha’s 2015 V1 Series WaveRunners


Yamaha is promoting their 2015 V1 series WaveRunners as the most affordable full size personal watercraft on the market, according to their site, A video shows people having a good time zipping across the water and snorkeling in the Florida Keys on the new V1 skis. The piece also demonstrates the easy handing and stability of the WaveRunners due to the deep entry hull. gives the V1 Series a good review as an entry-level ski. The boats are affordable, reliable, and available with 1-3 person seating which is a simple one-piece three-tiered seat. The seat also has a handhold on the back making it easy to watch someone towed behind the machine.

The WaveRunners are also equipped with dual rear view mirrors; a fuel injected 4-stroke engine that is naturally aspirated, stainless steel impaler, tow hook, bow storage, and a shiny black scratch-resistant hull. Another great feature is the fully padded steering component with a nicely designed digital readout of speed and RPMs.

The basic V1 comes in at 736 pounds and a flat boarding platform fitted with Hydro-Turf decking. There are only minor differences between the V1 and the V1 Sport. The Sport features better graphics, a reverse bucket, fold down boarding step, and a glove box with two bottle holders. It only weighs 9 pounds more than the V1. Both boats have room in the bow for 15.1 gallons of storage. The engine compartments are roomy and with simple seat removal, the 1052 cc marine engine and battery are easily accessible.

The WaveRunners have enough power to easily tow and go from 0-30mph in 2.7 seconds. Top speeds are 53.7mph and the boats are fairly fuel efficient, using 2.7-4.8 gallons of unleaded fuel per hour, depending on how fast one is riding. Their tanks hold 18.5 gallons of gas so at speeds between 25 and 35mph, you’re looking at about 5 hours of operation.

The Yamaha WaveRunners are assembled in the USA and claim to be the easiest boats on the market to maintain. So check out the video and see why “Summer’s More Fun on a V1!”

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