Videos: Two New Storage Bags for Yamaha VX Series

Take a look at these nice new storage bags from Yamaha. The Yamaha Watercraft channel on YouTube presents the 40 Liter VX/GP Stern Storage bag and the fully compatible Yamaha Genuine VX cooler. Both bags will make your outings much more organized and fun. The stern storage bag is super easy to mount to the back of your ski. Just strap it on and go!

The bag is equipped with two side rod holders and has a 40-liter storage capacity and it mounts in such a way that you don’t lose any water sports capability because you still have access to the machine’s tow point. This gives you the best of both worlds because you can fish and also take a friend out to wakeboard during the same trip. The bag retails for $249.99 and the Genuine Yamaha VX cooler will integrate seamlessly with the Stern Storage Bag.

The cooler can also be used by itself.  Load up enough drinks for a full day on the water. You can chill and stay hydrated while you’re out.  The cooler has a wide zippered opening, making it easy to fill with up to 18 drinks and ice. It also features a small compartment for snacks. It is well insulated and has a built-in  handle for carrying the cooler onto land and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The Genuine Yamaha VX/GP Cooler Bag retails for $129.99.

Both bags look sharp on the back of the Yamaha WaveRunner and are compatible with all 2015 to current VX WaveRunner models. They also fit the 2017 to current GP WaveRunner models. Both accessories are great additions to the Genuine Yamaha product line. Check out the bags and the all new WaveRunners here. Happy riding!

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Ocean Priselac

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