Yamaha Motor Sustainability Committee Approves New Human Rights Policy

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In late June of 2023, The Watercraft Journal published a review of Yamaha Motor’s far-reaching “2050 Environmental Plan” wherein the powersports manufacturer laid out of pathway to cutting 65-percent of total emissions produced by its product line by 2030.

Less than a week later, Yamaha Motor Corp. terminated its half-century-old snowmobile line and engine production. A little over a month later, Yamaha’s marine division revealed its new 1.9L High Output engine that included lead-free bearings and plant-based plastics.

While the new engine didn’t report lower fuel consumption rates – just better efficiency – it did bump base horsepower from 180 to 200, which enthusiasts happily accepted. Many expect a supercharged (SVHO) version of the new 1.9L shortly, although rumors of being non-compliant with several states’ emissions standards are swirling.

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Nevertheless, Yamaha Motor Group is marching closer towards fulfilling its first primary objectives outlined in the 2050 Environmental Plan. As part of increasing the company’s ESG score (Environmental, Social & Governance), Yamaha’s “Sustainability Committee” just announced its new “Human Rights Policy.”

This announcement (attached below) does little more than parrot the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). These are often referred to as “the International Covenants” – as stated in Section 3 of the Yamaha Motor Group Human Rights Policy – stating it upholds the standards for social contracts and global governance of said standards.

As a consumer of a company’s goods it’s important to know where said company is investing its resources; whether for future product development and improvements, or elsewhere. Ultimately, it’s up to the customer themselves to decide what they value most and if a company parallels similar values.

Here’s the original press release:
This is to inform you that Yamaha Motor Group has adopted a “Human Rights Policy” as of March 22, 2023, which is made available by CLICKING HERE.

Our corporate mission is to be a “Kando Creating Company” and one of our management principles is to fulfill social responsibilities globally. In order to realise these missions and responsibilities, Yamaha Motor Group places importance on sustainable social development through business activities based on our corporate philosophy. Respect for human rights is one of the most important issues for this purpose.

In our Sustainability Basic Policy, which is made available by CLICKING HERE, Yamaha Motor Group has committed that we will “respect human rights, will not discriminate, and will not use child labour or carry out forced labour under any form”. In 2017, Yamaha Motor Group signed on to the UN Global Compact advocated by the United Nations and continues to support the principles related to human rights and labour therein.

Our new “Human Rights Policy” further solidifies our commitment towards human rights and sets out various measures that Yamaha Motor Group will implement, including governance, due diligence, grievance system and corrective actions, education and training, reporting and disclosure, and dialogue with stakeholders. To achieve these commitments and goals, we also ask our business partners to understand and support this policy and its activities.

As part of the implementation phase, for example, Yamaha Motor Group may ask for your cooperation in conducting risk assessment and due diligence, corrective actions, training, and other aspects of this policy. This may also include the newly added Human Rights Clause in our business contract. We thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Yamaha Motor Group is committed to upholding this “Human Rights Policy” and its underlying principles, and thank all of our business partners for your shared commitment in this regard.

Yours sincerely,
Yoshihiro Hidaka
Chief Executive Officer
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Tom Okamoto
Managing Director
Yamaha Motor Australia Pty. Ltd.

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