Yamaha Racers Dominate 2017 AJSP Australian Watercross Championships

Yamaha Australia is very proud to announce that the 2017 AJSP Australian Watercross Championships were absolutely dominated by Yamaha racers! The championships were held at Redcliffe Beach in Queensland on the weekend of April 29-30th, 2017. Yamaha further shares that the racers did a full clean sweep of all six classes. Out of those six classes, three of them were dominated by a total of seven brand new GP1800 WaveRunners. These stunning GP1800s proved to be the most successful model used in the championship events.

In a statement from Yamaha Motor Australia’s Mark Harman, he says, “It’s pleasing to see the majority of Australia’s elite racers have chosen to fight for the 2017 Australian Championship on either the GP1800, FX SVHO or SuperJet. It’s the early days for the new GP1800 with it being a brand-new product, but we have had an exceptional result from the new GP1800, locking out three of the runabout classes.”

Early on in the events, it was made very clear that the new 2017 GP1800 was the choice weapon amongst competitors. Yamaha’s reigning Pro-Stock Champion Mitch Wayt once again brought home the gold winning both the Pro-Stock Championship Title and the Pro-Stock Endurance Title on his two GP1800s. Second place in both the Pro-Stock Champion race and the Pro-Stock Enduro went to Mitch Casey on his GP1800. Shane Stuart won the Pro-Stock-spec Championship Title on his GP1800. Second place went to Mitch Wayt on his GP1800 and third went to Sebastian Birch on his FZR. This was truly a strong class for Yamaha WaveRunners as the top five riders were competing on either a GP1800 or FZ.

Five-time Endurance Champion Christian D’Agostin once again showed why he’s the best as he won the Pro-Open Endurance Title on his Gold Coast WaveRunners FX SVHO. Yamahas dominated this entire group of events with Brett Douglas winning the first race on his FX SVHO before being beaten in race #2 by D’Agostin. SuperJet riders also brought home tons of hardware that weekend. Jordon O’Keeffe won the Pro/Am Limited Lites Title on his SuperJet. Another victory went to Jett Cavanagh with his winning of the Junior Lites Title on his Worx Racing tuned SuperJet.

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