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Recently, a picture of a woman with an awesome fishing set up on her Sea-Doo Spark was posted on greenhulk.net, which led to questions relating to how one sets up a Jet Ski for fishing. Her husband also had the same set up. Unfortunately, none of the guys who posted on the forum could reach the couple for comment because the two of them sped away to catch fish.

Intrigued, I did a search and found a little more information on how to set up a Sea-Doo for the purpose of fishing. The Jet Ski Fishing Channel on the SeaDoo.com forum provided several “how to” videos. Upon watching the videos, one of the main points noted was how fuel-efficient the skis are for fishing. There were claims that a person could get approximately 100 miles from a tank of fuel.

seafishAccording to a video from New Zealand, to get started on this endeavor, one needs a reliable Jet Ski, bait station, stainless steel cable, and rod holders attached to the ski. The commentator used bungee cords to hold everything down. He had bait set up on top of his cooler for easy access. His landing net, gaff, and rods were attached with stainless steel clips and wire. He kept his reels protected from spray by using special covers when traveling in saltwater.

His glove compartment contained a small tackle box. Pliers and a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) were attached to his life jacket. The host of the show reiterated how important efficiency is when fishing from personal watercraft. I truly appreciated his focus on safety as well as his fishing setup. He carried a VHS radio in a waterproof case, a cell phone that was also in a waterproof case, and his PLB as a last resort for rescue.

His personal watercraft was also equipped with a GPS and Sounder for fish locating purposes. Moreover, he believed it was best to purchase a Sounder that can withstand at least 30 minutes underwater due to the splash factor and possible submersion.

Some other good things about fishing from the Spark are the fact that it is versatile, easy to launch, retrieve, clean, and one can get underway alone. Fishermen can get close to the fish without spooking them and it makes for a fun adventure, as well as a challenge. Don’t forget your rods!

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