LOOK Marketing Receives 4th Neptune Award from Marine Marketers of America for Sea-Doo Marketing

LOOK Marketing, based in Melbourne,Florida received its fourth Neptune award from Marine Marketers of America. LOOK was presented the award during the 2018 Miami International Boat Show. Look was chosen for the award based on its stellar marketing campaign for the Club BRP/Sea-Doo Dealer Test Kit Experience. The informative event resulted in the highest wholesale of Sea-Doo Watercraft in more than a decade!

“Being recognized by the Marine Marketers of America for industry best work for the forth time in four years is a humbling honor,” said LOOK president Tim McKercher. “We are very thankful to do award winning work for client BRP/Sea-Doo, the global leader in watercraft sales. LOOK is proud to have won four Neptune awards in four different categories, showcasing our integrated capabilities.”

The team from Look provided exactly what Sea-Doo wanted. The marketing strategy was based on the Sea-Doo Dealer Test Ride Experience. The event design and execution encouraged an engaging and exciting experience for global dealers. Furthermore, the hands on participation lead to more wholesale orders for 2018 Sea-Doo machines.

This video from Look Marketing provides a vision of the Experience. It was shot during the BRP Global Dealer Meeting at Club BRP Dallas. Dealers were able to immerse themselves in The Experience, which began with them on a bus watching the short clip to get them hyped and ready to ride at the Sea-Doo trial site. Once on site, Look conveyed its new brand message: “Escape the Everyday”.

Sea-Doo retailers were able to mingle with brand ambassadors and product experts. Participants learned about the new models’ innovations and key messages through the use of interactive walk-arounds. Everything was hands on, which was of utmost importance because the more you know, the more you sell.

Dealers also rode the new Sea-Doos, which helped showcase the PWC’s strengths and capabilities. Close to 900 representatives from around the world attended the event and enjoyed test riding the 2018 Sea-Doo line. Over 2,000 rides were taken without incident. That’s quite an accomplishment!

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