Order Traction Mats for New Kawasaki Ultra Deck from Unlimited PWC

The wait is over and Unlimited PWC has traction mats available for the late model (’22 and newer) Kawasaki Ultra 310LX and the LX-S watercraft. These mats look great in the different styles of cuts. Get them in bricks, checker, rectangles, or diamond cuts.

They come in 12-piece sets with the newest super durable and sticky 3M tape. The tape is double sided and has excellent wrinkle resistance. We know what a pain it can be to apply these products, so we welcome this type of tape.

The Ultra mats are the same high quality as the other mats in stock. They have outstanding cushioning properties, and the same precision laser processing is used in designing them. The mats are grippy when wet so you’ll slide less when making those high-speed turns.

The mats are available in 10 different color combinations and can be made to order if your colors aren’t available. A set of traction mats for the Ultra 310LX and Ultra LX-S will cost you $285.

The traction mats for the Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 models from 2021 are also ready. They are also available in 10 different colorways and have the same features as the traction mats for the Kawasaki Ultras. The Sea-Doo RXP mats also feature a cool checker, brick, diamond, or rectangle pattern and cost $285.

If the colors you desire aren’t in stock, Unlimited will make your mats to order. They also remind us that the traction mat colors may fade over time and prolonged use. Check out the traction mats now and all the other goods Unlimited has on offer!

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Ocean Priselac

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