Sea-Doo Fish Pro Deliveries Delayed in Australia

Per an article by Joshua Dowling published on Watercraft Zone, Sea-Doo customers and dealers are unhappy about a delay in delivery of the new Sea-Doo Fish Pro’s to dealers in Australia. The PWC were scheduled to arrive in May or June, and they have been pushed back to August at the earliest. Some dealers and customers are speculating that the Sea-Doo Fish Pro 170 models were diverted to the US market due high demand on top of a PWC shortage.

The machines are assembled in Mexico and take about two months to arrive in Australia and given that timeline, Sea-Doo had an ample amount of time to notify dealers in Australia of the delay. They didn’t and now Sea-Doo dealers must face dissatisfied customers. Quite a few Sea-Doo Fish Pro 170 buyers have been waiting since January for their new skis to arrive and according to one dealer source, a lot of customers are asking for their money back.

“Everyone understands the world is in a state of flux right now and there are production delays and interruptions,” said one Sea-Doo dealer source. “However, the least Sea-Doo could have done is tell us sooner rather than later that there was going to be a further three-month delay.”

Sea-Doo also continues to be plagued by problems with its “Intelligent Debris Free” (IDF). The IDF is designed to switch into a reverse thrust to clear debris from the intake grate and jet pump. It is possible for the IDF system to get stuck between forward and reverse on some models, which will disable the craft. The machine is rendered inoperable at that point and will have to be towed.

Though all the Sea-Doo watercraft outfitted with IDF are inspected, some problematic units seem to have slipped through. Dealers advise owners of 2021 Sea-Doo models equipped with the IDF technology to take them in for an inspection if they’ve encountered any issues.

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