Spice up your Sea-Doo with Performance Parts from Broward Motorsports Racing

Improve your Sea-Doo’s performance with WORX Racing parts from Broward Motorsports Racing. Replace your rear exhaust with a WORX Sea-Doo Rear Exhaust Kit to increase performance. The silicone hose will eliminate vibration and give your watercraft a tough exhaust tone. The kit eliminates the restrictive sound suppression baffles on the stock exhaust.

You can use the WORX kit on both recreational and race skis. This kit will fit the RXPX 260 and 230 models and the GTR 215 and 230 Sea-Doo models. It includes the standard outlet block off. Pair the WORX Sea-Doo Rear Exhaust Kit with a BMX Racing Waterbox and see even more performance gains. The waterbox fits Sea-Doo 2020+ models with the 1630 engine.

The BMS Racing Waterbox further reduces exhaust restriction and back pressure thereby increasing horsepower and performance. The part is short, making it easy to service without removing the exhaust system. The waterbox is comprised of high-strength aluminum which enables it to withstand overheating and backfiring. Replacing your old waterbox with the BMS Racing box, will add up 10hp on modified watercraft. The component is anodized gray to prevent corrosion.

Add a WORX Racing Sea-Doo 4-tec Performance Intercooler to keep your engine cool while increasing horsepower. With its 30% larger and wider core, better heat transfer of compressed air can occur before reaching the engine. The WORX intercooler is a direct replacement of all Sea-Doo 4-tec external intercoolers. It can be used on stock and open turbo watercraft. Check out Broward Motorsports Racing for all your watercraft needs!

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