Stay Alive With Life Cell Marine Safety’s Survival Kit


The Life Cell Marine Safety product line was created to bring boaters a piece of mind. The Life Cell is available in four different sizes and its purpose is to keep essential safety gear onboard in an easily accessible location in case of an emergency. It was created in a way that will keep people together in the water by using attached lanyards. The boxes are brightly colored, making them easily visible to rescuers. The available sizes are big enough to assist groups of two, four, six, or eight people.

This is an essential product for any boater who wants the added security of keeping essential gear stowed in one place. The Life Cell includes a black mounting bracket that will allow the case to float free if a vessel sinks or capsizes. A separate metal mounting bracket for boats with railings may be purchased as well.


Life Cells hold all mandatory safety equipment, EPIRB, flares, air horn or whistle, V-Sheet, Torch, Heliograph or mirror. There is also space for keys, cell phone, radio, and some other small items. However, it does not include this equipment. It is up to you, the boater, to ensure that the box is properly equipped. The product does include a two year warranty.

The Life Cell became a reality in a Australia when two adults and their two eleven year old boys survived an accident at sea. Their boat sank quickly, giving them only seconds to find the safety equipment that would help save their lives. The traumatic experience inspired them to create what they dubbed, Life Cell Marine Safety. The adults realized how poorly most boating safety equipment is stowed on boats and because there is no standard of protocol, the boys parents think lives are being lost. They hope to change this with Life Cell.


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