USCG Issues Warning Against Filling Boats with E15 Fuel

As if we don’t enough to worry about, the USCG warns against filling boats with E15 fuel from gas stations. The USCG released a statement on its US Coast Guard Sector Detroit Facebook page Friday warning boaters that the new fuel standards regarding the sale of E15 gas could be dangerous to boaters.

The gas contains 15% ethanol, and is something could easily be overlooked at the gas station due poor labeling. The fuel may not be clearly marked with warnings or labeled as unsafe for marine usage. It may be marked as “regular unleaded” or “regular 88”.

It is not unusual for the government to authorize its use in the summer months to help with fuel economy and cost of gas. As far as marine applications go, E15 can cause engine damage and will void your warranty. It also causes engines to run hotter, increasing the chances of your boat catching on fire.

The bottom line is to pay attention at the pump when you roll in with your boat or PWC on your trailer. The lower price will certainly get your attention, as will the high cost of replacing your engine. Good luck out there and be safe on the waterways. Here’s the original post in its entirety:

Boaters beware!! A recent authorization allowing the summer sale of gasoline containing 15% ethanol (E15) at roadside gas stations presents a problem for boaters. This type of fuel is federally prohibited for recreational vessel use, causes marine engine damage, and will void marine engine warranty. Additionally, E15 fuel has been shown to make engines run hotter, increasing the potential of a catastrophic boat fire. Signs or warning labels may not be obvious at the pump as it may simply be marked as “regular 88” or “regular unleaded”. The convenience of filling a tow vehicle and boat at the same time may cause boaters to overlook this potentially dangerous detail. Please ensure the fuel you are dispensing into your boat contains no more than 10% ethanol (E10).

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