Video: All New Sea-Doo Performance Parts from RIVA Racing

It’s that time again! Upgrade your Sea-Doo with brand new 2018 performance parts from RIVA Racing. Check out RIVA’s latest components for the Sea-Doo RXT-X and GTX Limited. RIVA offers a wide variety of OEM parts for personal watercraft. The parts are designed to improve steering, handling, speed, and overall performance. The RIVA Development Technicians spend countless hours testing equipment both in house and on the water. View this YouTube video to watch the team test the new RIVA Sea-Doo parts. RIVA puts equipment through the gauntlet before offering it to the public. The crew ensures that each product offers maximum performance and reliability. They also offer easy bolt-on performance products with superb technical support.

The video begins by showing us the slick 2018 ST3 Hull on a Sea-Doo RXT and boy does it handle well. It’s extremely stable when put to the test. The stability factor has been covered many times. It’s a big deal. The clip moves on to a comparison between a stock ski and a ski up-fitted with a Stage 3 Performance Kit. Stock speed maxes out at 68mph at 7,500 RPM. The Stage 3 Kit increases the maximum speed to 83MPH at 8,600 RPM. The Stage 3 Kit will be available in June. On the water testing continues for a short time, with components appearing on-screen throughout the riding. It’s a great way to quickly show off the illustrious new RIVA Sea-Doo parts and we dig the hands on approach that RIVA takes when testing new items.

Here’s a list of the hot new RIVA Sea-Doo products featured in the video published by RIVA Racing. A lot of gear was covered in the video. The equipment is listed in order of appearance:
• ST3 Hull
• Power Filter
• Engine Breather Kit
• Gen-4 Power Cooler
• Intercooler Tubing Upgrade Kit
• Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit
• Open Loop Cooling Kit
• XXX Super Charger
• Fuel Pressure Regulator
• Fuel Injector Kit
• MaptunerX
• Valve Train Upgrade Kit
• Water Box
• Rear Exhaust Kit
• Sponsons
• Pro-Series Steering System
• RXT/GTX Seat Cover
• Skat Trak Impeller

Check out this page for the complete list of 2018 Sea-Doo RXT300 and GTX Limited performance parts. RIVA Racing has outdone itself yet again and some of the new parts are on sale! Hit the site to see what’s new.

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