Video: Jiggin’ with Jordan Explores War Batteries with FL Ski Riders

Check out this double dose of fun with Randy from Florida Ski Riders and Brandon Jordan from Jiggin’ with Jordan. They got together for an adventure in Egmont Key. They spent the day exploring abandoned war batteries, snorkeling, and taking a ride to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Randy is well versed in the area and he is the founder of Florida Ski Riders, one of is the largest jet ski clubs in Florida.

Jordan is riding Blue Bae, his Yamaha WaveRunner FX SVHO and Randy is on a Sea-Doo WakePro 230. Both machines were perfect for stowing all the gear they needed for the day, which included camera gear, snorkeling gear, and lunch for a jam-packed day of exploring.

The adventure began at the Fort De Soto Boat Ramp located in Tierra Verde. This is where they met and started filming this fun clip. They loaded their gear onto their jet skis and were soon on their way to check out the Egmont Key War Battery’s. They anchored at a spot just off Egmont Key. Randy provided a history lesson while they toured the Spanish War Batteries. The area is super cool, and the drone footage of the batteries is incredible. Randy provides excellent info on how to get there on a jet ski.

The group left the bunkers and headed to the Egmont Key Ruins to go snorkeling in the beautiful blue water. This part of the video is super relaxing. They left the ruins for Passage Key (Booby Beach) and stopped for lunch. It’s another beautiful spot and so chill. After lunch, they packed up and motored to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. We get an up-close and personal ride with Randy under the bridge as he rides his Spark down the middle.

Check out the video for some great information on the Egmont Key/Fort De Soto area. Randy lays it out very well. Trailer up your Yamaha WaveRunner or your Sea-Doo and head for the Fort De Soto Boat Ramp and make your way to the clear blue waters of Egmont Key. You’ll be glad you did.

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