Video: National Geographic Rides Sea-Doos Under the Shadow of Alaskan Glaciers

A word of caution: there hasn’t been a worse mix of gorgeous scenery and absolutely earsplitting garbage music than what you’ll see in the video below. In a partnership with National Geographic Adventure and Alaska Photoventures, this wonder-filled video only teases at the larger, full-length video aired on the NatGeo channel. (We’ve also seen that the full-length video is available for those with Amazon Prime streaming, but have yet to personally find it. Happy hunting!)

To be completely understated, the unmolested nature of the Alaskan coastline is only something that few have witnessed in person – especially via personal watercraft. Emmy nominated filmmaker and adventure photographer Dan Redfield joined fellow Alaskan native and hilarious mustache aficionado Lee Blough to tour the coastline of Blackstone Bay, to explore the massive glacial formations and take in only a fraction of the beauty that was available to them.

Beginning from Whittier, the two ventured northeast to film the massive sheer rock walls and waterfalls before stopping by a nearby beach. From there, they circled further east to Surprise Cove where they were met with turquoise waters and rocky shorelines. Aboard this 2018 Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230, Dan and Lee continued into Blackstone Bay where they were met with the vast glacial wall. Watch it for yourself below:

Jet Ski to an Alaskan Glacier

Embark on a thrilling visual journey to Alaska's Blackstone Bay, where a looming glacier makes for an adventure like none other. (Via Alaska Photoventures)

Posted by National Geographic Adventure on Friday, December 7, 2018

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