Video: P1 AquaX Racing Series’ Interview with RIVA Racing’s Dave Bamdas

RIVA Racing posted up an in-depth interview with Dave Bamdas on their YouTube channel. We’re going to focus on what he and the RIVA crew are looking for in a team rider. Bamdas has three things in mind and first and foremost, you must be a good person. A prospective rider must have raw talent and the ability to provide excellent feedback to the development team. It is crucial to the research and development to receive timely and relevant feedback to continue improving on the level of performance parts.

While building a race team, Bamdas and crew are willing to help and advise people who are interested in racing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a privateer or a professional looking for guidance. The guys will help you find the right PWC and walk you through what modifications you need for competing in a specific class. They can do the mechanical work since they manufacture and supply all the parts required for P1 Aqua X Racing, which is the circuit in which RIVA’s sponsored riders compete.

Bamdas is excited about continuing with P1 Racing. He says that P1 brings accessibility to watercraft racing for everyone, meaning that it doesn’t require racers to be part of a big factory team to be competitive. He has a great deal of passion for watercraft racing and wants to keep the sport vibrant and healthy, while offering encouragement to racers. Bamdas is looking forward to what 2021 brings to the sport of watercraft racing and he’s excited about watching his RIVA Racing team battle it out.

RIVA Racing is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket performance watercraft products in the world. When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit, production came to a grinding halt. RIVA rebounded in April, when recreational vehicles were in extremely high demand. RIVA was slammed with orders and had their best and most profitable year to date in 2020. Now in 2021, the company can focus on racing again and creating stellar performance parts.

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