Video: Sea-Doo Walks Us Through How to Use the iDF System

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro removes the worry of clogging your intake when getting after elusive bass hiding in the vegetation. This peace of mind comes from knowing your ski is equipped with Sea-Doo’s Intelligent Debris-Free Pump System (IDF). Spend more time fishing and less time dealing with debris in your intake and having to get in the water to clear trash and other debris out.

The IDF technology comes standard on the FishPro and the GTX Limited. It is available as an option on the 170 and the 230. In the video below, Tim McKercher, Sea-Doo’s Product Specialist and Sea-Doo Ambassador, Bri Andress, walks us through the system. McKercher says the pump is another innovation to make things easier and to live a more adventurous Sea-Doo life. The pump lets you explore stress free when you’re out there in unfamiliar territory or making your way into your fishing hole that’s overgrown with vegetation and other debris.

The Intelligent Debris Free Pump System is simple to use: When trash or weeds get pulled into the intake, shut down the engine and press the handy IDF button located on your handlebar. Lightly rev the engine a couple of times and the stuff gets blown out of your water jet pump. The IDF system reverses the water flow so debris is blown out within seconds. When you turn off the IDF system, the engine returns to normal and you can get back to cruising. Now you don’t have the be the victim of a malfunctioning PWC due to trash getting sucked into your machine.

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Ocean Priselac

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