Video: Take Your Kawasaki Ultra to the Next Level with Unlimited PWC

The Watercraft Journal had the opportunity to partner with Unlimted PWC and JD’s WaterWorld to equip a new Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX-S with a literal king’s ransom of custom components from Unlimited’s massive catalog for the new Kawasaki Ultra 160 and 310 JetSkis!

The 2-part series will start with the “Take Your Kawasaki Ultra 160/310 to the Next Level with Unlimited PWC” segment, which will provide a real-life look at Unlimited bestselling color-matched billet aluminum components including their billet cam cover, flush ports, adapter, ball drain valves, type VI exhaust tip, oil cap, and bypass nozzle. This segment will also feature Unlimited’s premium green/black brick-pattern laser-cut traction mats compatible with the new Ultra Deck.

The second video in the series, “Take Your Kawasaki Ultra 160/310’s Handling to the Next Level with Unlimited PWC,” will feature Unlimited’s green full billet X-Sponsons, “Low-Down” fixed handlebar riser complete with billet middle handlebars, an Unlimited handlebar pad, logo lock grips with custom color-matched billet lock rings, and Type II billet Grip Ends. Unlimited has also provided us with a custom immobilizer key relocation bracket to accommodate their handlebar package.

Unlimited PWC provides enthusiasts with everything they need to take their Kawasaki Ultra to the next level, and we will be doing exactly that throughout this series! We tailored our selection of color-matched billet aluminum components to complement the Lime Green and Ebony color scheme of our 2022 Ultra 310 LX-S, but all of these components are available in multiple attractive colors to fit a variety of palates.

View the full unboxing video below and stay tuned as we take the Kawasaki Ultra 310 LX-S to the next level – Unlimited PWC style! A full list complete with product hyperlinks is available above. Visit Unlimited PWC’s website to check out these products, as well as Unlimited’s full catalog of parts and components for Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Sea-Doo personal watercraft.

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JD Brussels

A true Florida native, JD bought his first boat before he was old enough to drive. You can usually find him tinkering on one of his many projects, tearing up the ocean on his Ultra 310, or spending time out on the boat with his wife and 3 kids.

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