Video: Two Brothers Rescue 15 on a Single Jet Ski During Floodwaters

Originally reported by News Channel 5 Nashville. Two brothers set out originally to try and rescue their aunt who was trapped in her home on Sutton Ave., Waverly, TN during the late August floods. However, it turned into more than just a single rescue. These two brothers heroically rescued 15 people and at least six dogs during the Saturday flooding in Waverley, Tennessee.

Mark and Brian Bohanon were able to do an incredible thing that Saturday. Using their 15-year-old Sea-Doo, they were able to maneuver through their neighborhood to pick up people that were stranded and take them back to dry land. They were even able to rescue a mother and her nurse daughter as they were holding on to a tree against the current of the water. With the floodwaters so high and people being trapped they used a hammer to break windows to get people out and onto the ski. The courageous acts of these two brothers ultimately saved 15 lives that day that could’ve been lost.

All this started with the beginning of the day with a Sea-Doo that would not even run! They had to fix some of the wiring and use gas that they siphoned out of a chainsaw. During the rescue operations they even capsize the ski twice locally they were able to get it turned right side up again and continue helping people. As said by the brothers, “the Good Lord giving us the ability to work together, because we haven’t had any training at all we went into compassion mode is what I would like to call it.”

These two brothers don’t want to be seen as heroes however after the water receded, they went back to the neighborhood to help their neighbors clean up after the damage was done. This just goes to show there are still good people in the world.

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Julian Ramirez

Julian Ramirez is an avid PWC enthusiast. He grew up in the desert of west Texas riding dirt bikes from his youth and old school VW sand rails. Until one day during A family camping trip. Julian convinces his dad that they should get a pair of JetSki‘s just to have fun with. After those first JetSki‘s it was over for Julian, he fell in love with the watercraft industry and the camaraderie and support that the community brings.

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